CIP Cleaning Machine

CIP Cleaning Machine CIP Cleaning Machine

CIP cleaning machine

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  • Model: QJD
  • Brand: JINRONG
  • Code: 8422301090
  • Product Description

Product Detail

Capacity range: 12000bph-36000bph

Applicable beverages: water,carbonated drink, juice/tea etc.

CIP cleaning machine

Product Description

1. The machine is suitable for dairy products manufacture for cleaning the pipes; it is also suitable for brewery factory, and beverage factory.

2. It transfers the clean liquid through pipe by pumps to clean, so it can extant the pipe and all equipments using life, it also can reduce higher labor working time, so this machine is advanced clean device.

3. This machine must be working with equipments in workshop and layout of pipes to connect together.

Company Profile

company info
  • The biggest manufacturer of filling machine in Jiangsu Province in China

  • Nearly 30 years experience in water, juice, carbonated drink complete line.

  • 150,000 square meter of land

  • 300,000 square meter of modern standard house

  • Equipment is exported to all over the world

After-sales Service

1.Immediately engineer sending after visa and ticket ready

2.Over 10-year experienced engineers for machine installation and training

3.7 days /week online for customer’s trouble shooting after installation

4.1000㎡ spare parts warehouse ensure quick delivery within 12hours for urgent spare parts replacement


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