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  • Sidel Introduces X-LITE Still The Lightest Industrial Bottle At the Best Production Speed

    AG体育 Sidel X-LITE Still is the advanced and creative PET bundling solution for the non-pressurized Still water. It has an exceptional light bottle design. It is also cost-efficient and sustainable bundling accessible on the market. The manufacturers are looking to improve their bundling and manufacturing

  • First PET bottle Made of 100% Recyclate

    AG体育 The Bottles & ShapesTM made their bundling sustainable and ecological with the help of KHS specialists. They designed the first PET bottle for the market of Germany. This PET bottle was made up from 100 percent recyclate. The company has picked diverse materials to form this bottle. It has put forth

  • KHS Freshness Protection that is 100% Bottle-to-Bottle Utile

    Different companies from across the world use different filling machines. Nevertheless, the bottle filling machine China can easily fill up the bottles with any beverage. It can clean the recycled bottles properly and then fill up each bottle up to a certain amount. When it comes to the bottle filli

  • Increase in the Demand for Fortified Drinks Spurs Growth in Beverage

    According to a report by the beverage and food processing machinery in 2018, making up the association of packaging and processing technology, there is a steady growth in the beverage filling machine market. It is also predicted that by the end of the year 2021, a growth of 4.2% must have been achieved in the US market.

  • Do You Know How Do the Filling Machines Work?

    Many people are not aware of the working principle of the filling machines. In case you are one of those then no issue! At present we are going to tell you how the filling machines work. For different types of drinks, the industries are using diverse filling machines.

  • The Latest Innovation in PET Bottle Packaging

    Over the period of the last couple of decades, China and their different companies have made revolutionary steps in the mechanical and technical fields.

  • Is Juice Better for You Than Soda?

    AG体育 As we have connected to technology more and more after each day, we also have understood what is right for our health and which product is just a marketing tactic. One of the products that we are going away from is Soda. Soda is in no way favourable for our health.


    If you want to update your water Treatment System, then you might need to know about the reverse osmosis water system. It is one of the fantastic ways to get high-quality water for drinking.

  • Why choose automatic bottled juice filling machines?

    Over the period of the last couple of decades, China and their different companies have made revolutionary steps in the mechanical and technical fields.

  • Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)

    Jinrong Machinery made a debut in BITEC. Thailand International Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition is a professional packaging exhibition with more than 20 years of history and has a good reputation in the Asia Pacific region.

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